The Man With A Dream – Defining Louis Gerard Saliot

November 30, 2011

Louis Gerard Saliot holds a remarkable identity on the Fiji soil. His endeavor and overall motivation towards a cause has today brought him a name that is no less significant than any other popular face. Louis Gerard Saliot is the pillar of development and progress, counting down the various projects he has worked on with thorough determination and fixedness.

His tourism projects are internationally acclaimed. Even though his success stands unmatched and uncounted yet some of his primary projects with a socialistic cause include the Natadola marine resort which has redefined the face of Fiji and its natural wonder. His efforts have not only brought a prominent hike in the tourist grounds of Fiji but they have also provided employment to a large workforce in Fiji.

The story linked to the development of Natadola marine resort is absolutely exceptional since it is linked to various landowners and Fijian workers who have earned a whole new life because of Gerard Saliot’s idea. The primal concept of Louis Gerard Saliotbehind each and every tourism project undertaken by him is to preserve and nurture the cultural heritage of the land and to also directly benefit the people associated with it. For Mr. Gerard Saliot it is more about the heart of the place that attracts the tourist then its materialistic identity.

Louis Gerard Saliot gets his experience from years of expertise in the tourism linked projects. His triumphant way of dealing with every big and small project can be attributed to the hardships and attempts he has given into this field. After covering all the difficult roads, Louis Gerard Saliot is the man who can either be envied or admired for his extensive list of achievements. Well, whatever it might be but he sure is an inspiration in the truest terms.

Gerard Saliot’s affiliation with the hospitality industry and his tourism development inputs are one of a kind because he tries to cultivate the barren lands for the best of utilization. Overcoming many major hurdles, Louis Gerard Saliot is an exceptional winner in the face of a competition struck industry which aims at nothing but profit.


Louis Gerard Saliot – Pure Creativity In Creating Wonders Of Tourism

October 14, 2011

Having delivered all his works with the ease of a man going about his business, Louis Gerard Saliot is not a man to be intrigued with the scale and magnitude of any work. The world is aware of his contribution to the various tourism industry across the globe, and due to his intervention with his projects, many countries have found a new and regenerated source of income in tourism.

Having worked single handedly in many projects, Louis Gerard Saliot has achieved all his goals with very little effort. He gets inspiration from all sources and corners of life and his sole determination to see the project through has only given light to his dedication and work ethics that are impeccable. Even though he has garnered all accolades and prizes known to his sector of work, his ideas are still grounded and based on the beauty of that place and the cultural value, rather than the materialistic ideas.

Apart from getting hishugely successful venture for the masses, he is more into helping in the development of that nation and helping in the masses to gain knowledge from it. All his efforts are lauded in a global scale and have tremendous value in the international arena. His success stories are numerous and his presence is not matched by anyone in the entire industry.

Despite of all this fame and fortune which surrounds him, Louis Gerard Saliot is a well-grounded man, with no materialistic goals. His devotion and dedication to each and every project is not questionable. Having bought the Nabadola Marine project in Fiji, and making the people there earn a decent living off it, he is widely revered in that island nation. Massive construction work was the source of income for a lot of Fijians and a lot of the educated inhabitants of the island were given reputed jobs in that project. The government of Fiji has always expressed their heartiest wishes to him and the beauty of the island has been inculcated and preserved in this project, a symbiotic landscape that has only benefitted this island nation.

Louis Gerard Saliot has a firm belief that the soul and heart of the place is enough to draw people and attract them rather than the materialistic structures.  His formula for success is to always stick to the identity of that place and built along with it, rather than create a new identity for that place.

When Nations Get An All New Identity Under Louis Gerard Saliot

September 7, 2011

Tourism industry backs up on enthusiastic support and dedicated efforts. One such man who has successfully undertaken the same since the past many years is Louis Gerard Saliot the CEO of twin tourism project firms that function at a global scale covering various multi dollar projects that have redefined the success scale of this industry.

Louis Gerard Saliot with his extraordinary reputation and efforts towards the tourism industry has a well resonating presence that is globally acknowledged. His success stories are too many and eventhough he is French by origin yet every country he takes on linked to his projects turns into his motherland. It is because of his this attitude that every tourism project under him gets an all new life because he roots it to the cultural presence of the nation.

Instead of just furnishing materialistic results, Louis Gerard Saliot works out success by highlighting the nation’s natural wonders through his efforts.  One such attempt was the Natadola marine project which not only revolutionized the nation’s tourism base but also radically solved the employment issues by creating job opportunities for the inhabitants. Saliot has a very pure vision towards his achievements and the work he does. His free spirited attitude linked towards his work lets him see and create much more than anyone else. He is the source of motivation for people who work with him and also the same for those who know him or have heard about him. It is not because of the success Gerard Saliot holds that people know him for but primarily the attitude that he maintains towards his life, his achievements and his failures is something that draws everyone towards him.

A never die attitude along with creativity rooted to the core keeps Gerard Saliot at the top of  every attempt that he takes ahead. There is a lot linked to Gerard Saliot, things that make him the man he is. Yet if one had to define the strong willed character of Mr. Louis Gerard Saliot then the best words will be remarkably positive. He is absolutely a league apart the rest in every possible way.

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