Louis Gerard Saliot And The Fiji Project

The Natadola marine project marked exceptions when a barren area was used to recreate the face of tourism in Fiji. Even today the people and the government of Fiji hold great regards towards this effort which potentially gave a great boost to their economy and employment scale.

The idea of Natadola marine project was conceived and executed by Louis Gerard Saliot, the CEO of two tourism organizations that have created a global mark across the time span. Louis Gerard Saliot envisioned a whole new Fijian tourist culture that could savor the luxuries of being a guest in Fiji while at the same time experience the well rooted culture of the place. Saliotincorporated the very best in this tourism venture however he stuck to the ground and only worked out complementing assets for the Fijian land without snatching away any of their originality under the project terms.

By the end of the Natadola marine project, Fiji had so much to thank Gerard Saliot for. The man not only redefined the face of Fijian lands and tourism opportunities by lavishly creating the best of facilities as a part of the project but also consequently created a whole lot of employment opportunities that brought in a radical boost to the Fijian economy as a whole.

Even though Gerard Saliot creates a special opportunity for national benefit in each and every project he undertakes yet the Natadola marine project was exceptionally designed. The best part about Gerard Saliot is that he envisions socialistic achievements rather than plain old success in each of his project. His free spirited attitude towards work is downright remarkable and can be well considered for the popularity he courts today.

The tourism industry regards him as a mentor. He is someone who has created the difference with his every move and decision however great people mint both success and failures. The same can be said of Louis Gerard Saliot who has witnessed both good and bad times. Yet his never dying passion towards work is an exception that people usually derive inspiration from. His presence is a boon that cannot be overlooked.


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